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Solar Express Service is a globally recognized company with offices in more than 40 countries. As part of ethical business practices, the company shoulders the responsibility of corporate social responsibility.

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Where We Ship What Others Can't

Solar Express Service is a name that has been a leader in the industry for as long as ten [10] years in a row and continues to dominate the skies with its exceptional shipment services. The company provides end to end complete logistics solutions to clients for their freight from domestic trucking to air and sea shipping to warehousing. The company has the team, the equipment and the motivation to ship freight for any client on-time and within budget.

Why Choose Solar Express Service over Other Freight Forwarders?

One good reason to prefer Solar Express Service over other air carriers is that it is a member of the WCA and Lognet groups, which means that the company can offer its freight forwarding services to any destination in the world more or less.

Another reason is that the company offer competitive pricing to its clients owing to the experience and insight it has gained over the industry, allowing customers to make cost savings wherever possible.

Yet another reason would be the high standards communication and customer services offered by Solar Express Service to its clients which let it to constant stay in touch with customers and update them about their shipment round the clock. Prompt reply to email and phone calls is made by the customer care department so customers don't have to face any trouble reaching out to the company anytime.

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Ocean Freight Transportation Services

In addition to air freight services, Solar Express Service also offers ocean freight services to clients as it is a fully licensed NVOCC (Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier). The company offers ocean freight forwarding to all major ports of the world. Shipping is made on a weekly basis on all major worldwide shipping routes.

Full Container Load (FCL)

You can make use of FCL ocean freight shipping for your cargo which is precious or which is 12+ pallets as it may not be well-suited for shipping via LCL.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

LCL means that your cargo will occupy space which is less than the full space of one singular container and hence you will have to share it with someone else's cargo. One benefit you can have is that you can save shipping cost on your cargo this way.

Reefer Containers

Solar Express Service offers reefer containers for all its clients for transporting their freight. If they are shipping items such as those relating to food then they can have the option of shipping them in containers that are controlled by the temperature to protect them from being damaged. The temperature range varies from below freezing to moderately cool.

Hazardous Containers & Dangerous Goods

Solar Express Service will ensure that all kinds of goods that are classified as dangerous are shipped to their destinations anywhere in the world while in compliance with local American as well as international regulations. This is because Solar Express Service is a certified shipper of dangerous goods and knows how to ship them while meeting all necessary protocols. The list of hazardous goods includes, amongst other items, gases, pharmaceuticals, flammable solids, flammable liquids, explosives, oxidizing substances, corrosive substances, dry ice, fuel cell engines, lithium batteries, et cetera.

Roll-on, Roll-off (RoRo)

Solar Express Service ships all kinds of heavy equipment that falls under the Roll-On, Roll-Off category implying that it can be rolled on and rolled off the containers with ease. This includes tractors, automobiles, motor-homes, trailers, et cetera.

Container Loading & Unloading

The company ensures that all of your freight is handled with care such that loading and unloading are carried out safely and securely. In addition to that, the company offers ground shipping so that the freight can be transported to the target destination after it has arrived at the port.

Trans Loading Container Trucking

The company would help all its clients with completely skipping warehousing costs and practice the Just-in-Time demand model. This would be made possible with the help of the trans-loading services offered by Solar Express Service. Right at the time that the cargo arrives at the port, it would be unloaded onto the trucks of the company and delivered to the final destination of the freight.

Warehousing & Distribution

Apart from trans-loading services, Solar Express Service also offers warehousing and distribution services to clients. The company has warehouses in the US and in other parts of the world where it can store the freight of its clients so they can manage the warehousing and distribution of their shipment as per their plan.

Shipping Documentation for Importing & Exporting

For the purpose of shipping freight to international customers, it is mandatory to have the right documentation in place such as letters of credit, et cetera. This can be an exhausting exercise for shippers but Solar Express Service jumps in and takes the responsibility onto its shoulders to make matters easier for all its customers.

Cargo Insurance

The company also offers multiple options pertaining to cargo insurance to its customers. This is to protect their freight from being damaged in any way possible such s by storms, by seawater flooding, vessel collision or by any other acts of God.

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Air Freight

Shipping freight by air has many benefits such as being a relatively faster mode of transportation as compared to shipping by sea. This mode is therefore preferred by customers who are looking to ship their products to international customers on a fast track basis or who are practicing the model of Just-in-Time manufacturing for their business. The main drawback of air shipping, however, is the high cost that has to be borne by the shipper relative to ocean freight. However, Solar Express Service promises its customers that it can help them handle the high cost of air shipping in a way favorable to them as well as provide excellent customer service to keep them updated about the status of their shipments.

Solar Express Service is of the view that while other air shippers make use of consolidation schedules to save fuel and total cost, Solar Express Service would aim towards offering much greater flexibility to customers. This is so that each shipment gets the individual attention that the shipper asks for and is not bound in totality by other shipments.

If you as a client wish to ship your products via Solar Express Service, then there are a list of benefits which you would be able to take benefit of.

One is that Solar Express Service makes use of the LOG-NET supply chain management software which helps it to manage logistics for all the shipment so that everything is planned well ahead and there are no ambiguities or clashes for any two shipments. In addition, Solar Express Service has a team that has an average individual experience in excess of ten [10] years, which means that you can entrust your shipment to Solar Express Service and rests assured that it would be handled by some of the most professional people in the industry. Also, Solar Express Service is a member of WCA, which is the largest group of independent air freight forwarders in the world. This allows the company the advantage of negotiating charter flights to any destination worldwide for shipments of any of its clients. Also, it is the priority of Solar Express Service to offer cost-effective shipping routes to clients.

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Indirect Air Carriers Approved by the TSA

As per the guidelines of the TSA, air freighters are required to meet a set standard for security, which is completely adhered to by Solar Express Service. What benefit this translates into is that it allows the company to make use of passenger planes to ship freight by air which is noticeably cheaper than supping by freighter flights.

Dangerous or Hazardous Goods and Containers

There are a number of items which are classified as dangerous or hazardous by IATA. Examples include fuel cells, lithium batteries, virus samples for medical research, et cetera. Solar Express Service has certification from IATA which allows it to chalk out alternative shipping routes for items that are categorized as dangerous or hazardous.

The choice offered by Solar Express Service of a Daily Consolidation or Direct Service

Solar Express Service offers two options to its valued clients for transporting their freight from one destination to another. One is that it would offer them a relatively lower cost for their freight by consolidating it with other clients' freight. That way, they would be able to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale. Alternately Solar Express Service offers direct flight services for a single customer so that the time penalty is brought down to a minimum possible level, an option which is best suited to larger shipments. Air Charter Services for Time-Sensitive Shipments: Be advised that if any of our clients is in need of a charter plane exclusively for their own shipment, Solar Express Service can arrange that for them in a timely fashion instead of the request getting delayed and precious time wasted for the client.

Air Charter Services for Time-Sensitive Shipments

Solar Express Service is also able to source urgent air chargers when shipments are rapidly needed. By providing personalized customer attention and service, there is no need to be concerned about your freight being lost amid the millions of other orders.

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Domestic Trucking Services

Solar Express Service aims to reduce the burden that customers have on their minds of managing their shipment until it reaches its ultimate destination. It does so by providing them with the domestic trucking services 24/7 to suit their time and budget. With this service, the company essentially handles the domestic shipping in addition to worldwide shipping. This service is available in Mexico, Canada, and the US currently.

Why Choose Solar Express Service over Other Freight Forwarders?

Delivery Assistance: One is that it offers its customers the option of delivering their shipment to the final destination with local trucking and that also with pallet jacks and lift gates for urgent shipments.

Superior Tracking & Timing: Solar Express Service offers to its clients cost-effective ground shipping with tracking so the customers can keep a close watch on their shipment while it is entrusted to its actual and final recipients.

Carrier Connections & Volume Discounts: Volume discounts are offered by the company for domestic shipping as Solar Express Service's domestic shipping department has associations with multiple carrier units in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

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Here Are Some of the Domestic Shipping Services We Provide:

Less than Truckload Shipping (LTL)

For domestic shipping that is less than one full truckload, it is consolidated with some other shipment to allow for cost savings by both clients when it is shipped.

Full Truck Load Shipping (FTL)

For a shipment that is a full truckload, it is directly transported without any need of a consolidation, as soon as possible, to its intended destination.

Manage Small Shipments in Cargo Vans

For clients who have small shipments that need to be distributed across multiple destinations in Canada, US or Mexico, small vans are the ideal solution for performing the task, which is therefore employed by the company.

Rail & Intermodal Shipping

The common can also use rail transport for domestic shipping in North America. It makes use of intermodal shipping for this region.

Reefer Trucks

The company offers reefer trucks transportation services to its clients so they can ship goods at a maintained temperature.

Flatbed & Heavy Haul Trucking

Solar Express Service offers flatbed and heavy haul trucks to customers for the case of transporting heavy equipment from one place to another. The company has extensive experience in transporting, for instance, large and heavy compressors as well as coolers from Texas, all the way to India!

Straight Truck Services

This is another service offered which entails expedited shipping with the help of straight truck to ship anything anywhere on short notice.

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We ship all over word

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Warehousing & Distribution Services

Solar Express Service has to offer warehousing and distribution services both locally as well as internationally. This is a service that can be of high convenience to businesses that are aiming to expand in new markets as they can make use of the company's warehousing and distribution service to achieve their business goals and increase profitability.

Why Use Solar Express Service as Your Partner?

There is a number of reasons why it is a good idea for customers to go for Solar Express Service and not opt for its competitors. The company offers services such as loading and unloading of freight, management of Just-in-Time Inventory, as well as inbound and outbound consolidation services to help the customer save costs. Not only that but warehousing and distribution in partnership with local networks are also offered by Solar Express Service to its valued clients. Also, the company provides real-time online tracking for all cargo to any of its shippers. All of the staff that is employed by Solar Express Service have successfully cleared TSA background checks and have been trained in the safety requirements of the company. There is an average of 10 years of experience per person of the team members working for Solar Express Service, not to mention the high-quality customer care services of the company. These are some of the most prominent reasons why customers should go with Solar Express Service instead of any other company for their shipping needs.

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Benefits of Warehousing & Distribution Services


One advantage of warehousing and distribution is that teaming up with a third party logistics partner (3PL) of the likes of Solar Express Service is cheaper as the costs of hiring, training and sustaining employees as well as paying their salaries or overheads does not have to be borne. Also, the 3PL partner can find the most cost-effective logistical solution in the shortest possible time.

Existing Network of Valuable Carrier Relationships

A 3PL partner has its own association and links with other carrier groups out of its experience and hence can provide greater space for shipments should there be any shortage of storage options for delivering shipments.

Experienced & Certified Personnel

The employees hired by 3PL are some of the best in the logistics industry and some of those have decades of experience working in the field and are street smart about getting things done!


3PL partners also allow for greater agility in the face of rapidly changing markets. For instance when the opportunity for a new market with high profitability arises or when the profitability of an existing market decreases owing to taxation being levied on it, 3PL partners can help in changing shipping routes to suit profitability and hence are useful form this perspective as well.

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Project Cargo

If any client has any heavy equipment that they need to be shipped from one location to another, they can rest assured that the Solar Express Service team would handle the process seamlessly as it is used to working under pressure and delivering on tight deadlines.

We've shipped some of the Most Challenging Projects:

The company proudly claims that it has worked on a number of challenging logistics assignments and overcome them successfully. For instance, one client had requested the company to ship natural gas compressors as well as coolers from a remote location in the South of Texas to the Mumbai port in India, that also on a short deadline. Solar Express Service coordinated with local 3PL partners to lift the heavy equipment with the help of oilfield winches and therefore saving time, effort and cost of bringing in cranes to perform the job. Once lifted, they were then transported to the Houstan port on trailers. From there on, the equipment was carefully shrink-wrapped so that it could be protected on its voyage over the sea to India. The shipment successfully reached Mumbai only four [4] days after it was picket with oilfield winches in Texas. This is one instance of how the company's experienced team dealt with a challenging logistics task and completed it successfully.

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Our Project Cargo Specialties Include

Out of Gauge

The company also is an expert when it comes to fitting an oversized or irregularly shaped cargo in a standard container. You as a shipper don't need to worry about its shape because the Solar Express Service team will take care of it and ship it safely to its destination.

Heavy Lift

Be advised that if your cargo is heavy and is also such that it has to be transported in one piece and cannot be broken down into smaller parts, then Solar Express Service will ensure that your cargo is delivered as is. This may require the company to use flatbed trucks, inland barges or special volume cargo aircrafts but it would be done, rest assured.

Break Bulk

There are some goods that are difficult to load because of the large size of owing to heavy weight. Therefore, they have to be grouped together in a container, a task which becomes labor-intensive and in-turn costly to execute. The company, however, will come up with a break bulk shipping method to make it all cost-effective and efficient to load such kind of freight onto ships or aircraft for shipping. Solar Express Service will even advise you whether doing so is a better idea than disassembling and packaging at the origin and then unpacking and reassembling at destination.

Flat Racks & Open Tops

Wherever necessary, Solar Express Service will make use of flat racks as well as open tops and sue shrink-wrap for the sake of transporting goods to the desired destination safely.


Heavy items are loaded and unloaded with the help of pulley system or cranes to owing to their excessive weight.

Import & Export

If you as a shopper wish to send a shipment to another country, you can rest assured that Solar Express Service will do it for you and also have it cleared by customs authorities, all in time.

Inland, Port Works, Ocean Freight, & Air Freight Forwarding

The company has links with major airlines and ocean shippers which it will use to ship your cargo anytime anywhere by all means necessary.

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Import & Export Consulting Services

The process of importing or exporting goods can be long and tedious. However, Solar Express Service with its industry knowledge and experience will make things simple for shippers and offer them advice on how best to perform it and as well as provide them customs brokerage and the required documentation for it.

Export/Import Documentation

One of the most complicated and time-consuming facets of the import/export procedure is to complete the appropriate documents before goods can be transported between points A and B. some of these documents include an import or export license, a letter of credit, the insurance certificate, a bill of lading, 10+2 filing, the packing list, a pro forma invoice, export declaration of EEI, together with a certificate of origin. As stated earlier, quite a few entities are required to issue and process these documents before a multitude of requirements are met prior to actual transport taking place. The help of a consultant in completing these documents to streamline the process is invaluable when our customers wish to prevent delays and be assured that everything is in place to avoid a bureaucratic disappointment.

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Roles Involved in Importing/Exporting


Government: Permission and required documentation for import/export have to be sought from special government agencies such as FDA, etc.

Customs Broker: The job of the customs broker is to deal with prepare shipping declaration, give notice of approval to shippers, collect fees from them, as well as reserve the delivery of the goods with warehouse operators.


The job of the bank is not only to receive the taxes and duties due on import and export but also to issue letters of credit to act as a guarantor of the payment for the goods that are intended to be shipped by the importer/exporter.


Once the goods arrive at their destination they must be stored in a warehouse or they must be transported to their final destination, all of which is easily managed by Solar Express Service with its long years of experience in the industry.

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