Buy Now, Pay Later

Our 'Buy Now, Pay Later' loan service allows buyers to pay for goods only once it is delivered. To make a purchase, it is sufficient for the buyer just to specify an e-mail and postal address. The basic idea is to make online shopping available to anyone: to those afraid of "sharing" credit card data as much as those who prefer not to pay in advance. The company takes on the risk of both parties with the seller receiving money for the shipped goods, in any case, and the buyer paying only on receipt of the products. As part of the service, the seller sends order details to the company. Provided the check is successful, Solar Express Service then transfers money into the seller's account. Once the buyer clicks the "Buy Now, Pay Later" button in the Control Panel, he is redirected to a page where he only needs to enter personal information - without payment details. For more detailed information about the 'Buy Now, Pay Later' service, please see the Control Panel.

Due to an unexpectedly large volume of new registrations, the 'Buy Now, Pay Later' service is temporarily unavailable.

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